Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 1 through January 7

Monday, January 1st-7.6 miles with Jeff from Fallon Trail at 7:30 with Gazelle.  With frigid temps and wind chills below 0, we retreated into Woody Hill for a very enjoyable trail run to start the year.  Love these trails and the proximity to my home.  Just wish I had more daylight in my schedule to run them.  Added bonus: a quick tour of Shelter Harbor Golf Course on snow packed cart roads towards the end of the run.  Great way to start 2018.

Tuesday, January 2nd-6.1 miles @ 7:05 pace.  Back to the grind and battled through a very frigid morning with a real feel of -6.  I picked up Riley for the last 1/2 mile just to let him know I did not forget him.  Wishing and hoping this cold streak breaks.

Wednesday, January 3rd-7.8 miles on the treadmill at the Y.  I need to do weekly workouts and do not have the motivation to go to battle on icy roads in frigid temps.  The treadmill is the next best option.  Warmed up for 2 miles and then did 5X1000m hard (5:20-5:10 p/mile pace*) with 4/10 of a mile jog recovery.  Finished with 4X30 seconds H/E at 4:50 pace* on the machine.  Tried to play with the incline a little but did not throw in hills.
*Happy with the workout but I am suspect about the pace.   I know I did not have to contend with wind, hills, or freezing temps, but the fast paces did not overly tax me.  Is my fitness improving or is the machine giving me an extra boost?  I'm suspect about it, but know the workout was useful one way or another.

Thursday, January 4th-6.4 miles on snowy Misquamicut roads and through Champlain Park with Gazelle.  A very unexpected big storm with blizzard like conditions hit which called for no school.  As expected accumulation totals rose, my excitement increased.  Not to my surprise, Gazelle was game for the adventure.  I even took a planned dive bomb into a pile of snow in Misquamicut.  Pace meant nothing and it was great fun out there.

No run like a snow run

Friday, January 5th-a morning of more shoveling, which I actually enjoy.  With another day off from school, I decided to stretch and do that kind of work for 40 minutes.  Gave thought to a run but reminded myself to stay disciplined and take the off day.

Saturday, January 6th- 6.7 miles on the mill at the Y.  It went like this: 2 mile warmup, 6X 1/4 H (5:35-5:40 pace) uphill (3.5-4.0) followed by 1/4 E at around 6:30 pace and 0 to .5.  Finished with 10 minutes of easier running.  Felt like another good, challenging workout.  Hope this stuff translates to success in the outdoors. 6:16 pace for the run.

Sunday, January 7th-16 frigid miles through Misquamicut at an average of 6:43 pace for the run.  With wind chills rising just above 0, I opted to keep my run as local as possible in case of a need to bail out.  The first few miles were cool and I was pleasantly surprised by the pace.  The middle miles were actually enjoyable as I was warming up and checking out the winter ocean scenery.  The last 4-5 miles dragged on and the last 3 I felt frozen and tight.  All the things considered-a solid run. 

Weekly Mileage: 50
Synopsis: very happy with my mileage considering the horrid temps.  I was able to get two workouts in and a long run. 


  1. Running happy is a good thing! I know you have very serious goals and are very serious about meeting them. Once in a while having a fun run is a good thing! You both look uber happy in your snow run! Great week, glad Riley got out! They do go bonkers, glad you have a big back yard and two pups who are good about playing with each other.

  2. So true Beth..running happy is a good thing. It's why we do it, right? It's really important to mix things up, including the intensity of training all the time. It was a fun week. Riley is happy to get back at it!