Sunday, February 18, 2018

February 12 to 18

Monday: 6.1 miles with the dogs..4 with Riley and 2+ with Lulu.  A relatively mild morning. 6:50 average

Tuesday: 6.2 mile cruise with the dogs again.  Much chillier this morning..neck & back sore.

Wednesday: 6.3 miles. Warmup w Riley. 4xup/down on Meadowridge. 30 second jog rest in between. Good starting point. Should rock the quads a bit. DS sighting.  Nice temps. 6:49 average.  Need to do more of these!

Thursday: 5.3 mile rainy run with Riley. It wasn't pouring but we still ended up getting soaked.  Did a loop down Noyes Neck, down Atlantic, and back through Weekapaug.  I enjoy these shorter days on . Thursdays.  Pace comfortable.  6:56 average.

PT session #5 in the afternoon.  Lots of neck and shoulder work.

Friday: 35 minutes of stretching and core work.  Trying to keep my back in check.

Saturday: 20 miles around the beach, into town, and finishing at the Y.  I got out there pretty early to ensure I'd make it to the Y in time for H's swim class.  My goal was to do 4M easy, 4M hard, 4M easy, 4M hard, 4M easy.  Unfortunately it just didn't happen.  From the first step of the run, I was feeling it today.  I did get through one set of 4M hard and banged out 6:15, 6:19, 6:15, and 6:12.  Once I hit the final hardish mile, I thought about packing it in for the day.  Instead I reframed my mindset and told myself I wouldn't overly push the rest of the run and to just do my best to run steady.  I dealt with stomach distress for the last few miles and would end up feeling queasy and impacted from it for a few hours ahead.  Average pace for the run was 6:40.  While I didn't like how I felt, battling through the mental struggle was valuable and I did get the 20 in.  This was Week 8 of LRs for me.   I think I have about 6 more long runs to do before I head off to the big show.  I'll be pretty happy when the are over and I can go back to being Tommy5k.

Sunday: 6 miles with Shara from Avondale to Watch Hill Light House and back.  Took advantage of the rare opportunity to run with Shara.  Initially we were hoping to run Haley in the stroller but the wind made it a bit to cold for her to join us (remember she's stationary in the stroller).  Finished at the preserve at about 5.5 miles, knowing I needed about a 1/2 mile more to hit a meaningless 50 miles for the week, I decided to go for it and ran hard until I reached my desired distance.  Quads and legs feeling yesterday's LR a bit.  Neck and back tight today.

Weekly Mileage: 50
Synopsis: Another solid week.  Highlights: include getting a workout in, completing my first 20 (although I wish I felt better, and getting back to 50 miles for the week. Lowlights: The long runs have become a drag but it goes with the territory of marathon training.  Only 7 LRs to go!  Although manageable, my neck and back issues are still lingering and it would be nice to get on the other side of them. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

February 5th to 11th

Monday, February 5th-6.4 miles of dog jogging.  I ran the first 4 miles with Riley through Weekapaug and picked up Lulu for the last 2 as I ran from my house through Piezzo and back around. Decided to get Lulu running more than a mile again, she can do it!  An average of 6:46 pace for the run.  Temps were in the mid 30s with some wind. Other random notes:  JV sighting and spotted a plane way, way, way up in the air when I was running down Langworthy.  Sometimes it's cool to run in the dark and just look up at the school and realize how big the world actually is.  Good stuff.

Tuesday, February 6th-6 miles total at an average of 6:54 pace.  Struggled out of bed as H was up for a good chunk of the night.  Ran the first 4 with Riley again and almost 2 with Riley.  Finished with 4 strides.  Cool morning but nice out.  Neck/back ok but not great.

Wednesday, February 7th-6.3 mile trot with Riley.  Had a tough time waking up this morning.  2 miles into the run and my phone rang and it happened to be school.  With a looming storm, I found out school was cancelled for the day.  I knew I'd end up doing some work from home but the rest of my run could be laid back.  I would have went a bit longer but my stomach was acting up.  Riley was pretty happy out there.  6:46 pace for the run.  Beck/back okay again.

Thursday, February 8th-5.6 mile combined dog trot with Riley and Lulu.  Uneventful but I was feeling pretty tired.  Cut the run just as a few minutes short as I needed to get out of the house extra early for work.

PT in the afternoon-Session 4.  Back is all twisted up. Hoping it gets better soon.

Friday, February 9th-40 minutes of stretching.

Saturday, February 10th-17.1 miles @an average of 6:41 pace.  Left at 6 am from my house, out to Rt .1, Klondike, 216, Chase Hill Road, Potter Hill,  Springbrook, White Rock, Canal, around Wilcox Park, and a finish at the Y with a few minutes too spare before H's swim class.  I ran a nice, rolling course.  The weather was in the high 30s/low's 40s with some periods of light rain.  Roads were slick in most places, which I did not expect and I was surprised to see a sander on Rt. 1.  Overall, I felt pretty good but my neck and back did tighten up around mile 14.  Fun fact of the run: I ran through parts of Westerly, Charlestown, Hopkinton, and even touched into Pawcatuck.  Kind of liked this route for the variety it offered.   Week 7 of LRs.

Sunday, February 11th-5 miles in a steady rain at 6:43 pace.  Ran on local "trails" that I hasn't been down in quite sometime due to darkness.  I also checked out Ayers Rd., a "private" road off of Haversham.  Enjoyed the fantastic view of the salt pond towards the end of the road.  My quads started talking a little after 3 miles and I didn't have any plans of pressing distance, time, or pace and finished soaked.  Felt bad I didn't take Riley out on the account of rain..he wouldn't have minded it one bit.  However, neither one of us would have been too popular once we re-entered the house drenched.

Weekly mileage: 46.5 miles.
Synopsis:  Overall, a fine week.  The highlight was my long run as it included some varied terrain and built my aerobic capacity.  It was an okay week for my neck/back and I did have pain/soreness on some days, but nothing debilitating.  I didn't experience neck pain running until mile 14 or my LR.  I'm hoping with continued stretching, a dosage of Vitamin I when necessary, and weekly PT sessions, I'm able to get a good handle on my neck and back.  Other thoughts:  I'm happy with the paces of my LRs but need to do some pace work and get a 20 in.  Hoping for a strong week ahead. Onward!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

January 29 through February 4

Monday, January 29th-6.1 mile dog jogs.  Mondays are always tough waking up and getting out there door.  With a short window to get my morning run in and looming responsibilities, I usually don't spend too much time dwelling on whether I should or shouldn't run unless something is really up.  Anyway, I ran the first 5 miles with Riley and final mile with Lulu.  Ran a little different loop-through Weekapaug, then back down Shore, up Piezzo, and then picked up Lulu for a sub 6:30 mile around the block.  Back tight but not painful.  Need to keep stretching!

Tuesday, January 30th-7.1 miles with Riley.  An unexpected SNOW run.  Took advantage of running on unplowed roads in a few inches of snow. Very enjoyable.  7:13 pace for the run.

Wednesday, January 31st-icy 10k with the dogs.  Riley for 4+ and Lulu for the last couple.  An eclipse was taking place later in the morning but the moon was amazing.  It lit up some areas of the road which was helpful with avoiding some icy spots.  Feeling congested and some light back soreness (getting better though).  Time to keep grinding away. 43:30, 7:00 minute pace.

Thursday, February 1st-5.4 miles at an average of 6:45 pace with the dogs.  In usual sequence, I ran Riley 4 miles and Lulu about 1.5 miles.  Temperatures were slightly above freezing, which was nice.  Roads were better today but salt filled.  Upon arrival home, Riley was favoring one of his paws.  Post run I washed both of their paws and will put some musher's wax on their paws tonight.  Still tight but not in pain.

PT in the afternoon.

Friday, February 2nd-had a delay to start my work day and slept in an extra 30 minutes which was nice.  I then stretched and did stuff for 35 minutes.  These days are important.

Saturday, February 3rd-15 mile run @ an average of 6:39 pace for the run.  Frigid start as my thumbs were numb for the first few miles.  The remainder of the run was enjoyable and the ocean views were outstanding.  I looped through Misquamicut, Watch Hill, and back into town to the Y just in time for H's swim lesson.   Some back soreness and was all knotted up post run.  Ran into Jeff Huckle during the last couple of miles.  Week 5 of my LRs.

Sunday, February 4th-7.1 miles @ an average of 6:39 pace (again).  Joined the RWYC crew for the first couple of miles and ran the rest on my own.  The last 3 miles were speedy (sub 6:20).  Pre-run and shortly after waking up my back started bugging me.  I was able to loosen up a bit the first couple of miles.  Right back to being tight/sore in my back post run.  Really enjoy the vibe of the RWYC crew.

Weekly miles: 47 miles
PT sessions: 1 (Total of 3 sessions now)
Other: lots of time applying heat and trying to stretch out.

Synopsis: A solid week of running and mileage despite some lingering neck/back issues.  I was happy to get the 15 miler in but wish I could get past the back stuff and resume regular training.  I do feel that it is better than the beginning of last week.  Once I can get myself together physically, I can slowly bump up the training again.  Hanging in there though.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

January 22 to 28

Monday, 1/22-10k with Riley & Lulu with a light rain coming down.  My neck and back really flared up since the previous day's long run and I could feel some pain down my left side.  Ran through Cove Road and Weekapaug area about just over 7 minute pace.

Tuesday, 1/23-5.5 miles with Riley.  Decided to stay in the neighborhood in the event the pain was not bearable.  I made it through and running laps through the neighborhood wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  Spent a few extra minutes stretching post run and made an appointment for a PT assessment.

Wednesday, 1/24-6.1 miles at 6:54 pace with the dogs.  Still feeling and dealing with neck/back and left side soreness/light pain.

*Went to PT and figured out my pelvis is off track.  It's likely the neck, back, and general pain on my left side were caused by this. To help with the issue, I'll be starting to go to PT 1x/week.  I'm hopeful but nervous about the injury's impact on my marathon plans.

Thursday, 1/25- 6 miles from my house down to Misquamicut, out and back on Breach, by the Weekapaug Inn, and back home.  Ran at just over 7 minute pace. Windy and cooler.  Finished with 6X100 strides.  (1)

Friday, 1/26-30 minute stretch.

Saturday, 1/27-11 miles at Ninigret.  Playing it safe, I thought this was one of the best places I could go for a long run this week as it's flat and has multiple bail out options.  I was generally tight but found the run to be tolerable and 11 miles was just about right.  It was a beautiful morning on the trails, roads, and fields of Ninigret.  Wish I could have run the Chili 5k later in the day, but had another commitment..hopefully next year.   6:45 pace for the run.  5th LR for this training cycle.

Sunday, 1/28-7 miles from Avondale and through Watch Hill.  Met up with Team Run While You Can (RWYC) in the rain for a peppy yet controlled cruise.  RWYC, which is managed by Jeff Vuono, had a total of 10 runners this morning.   Ran with the group for a mile and then Gazelle and I went harder for the remaining 6 miles.  Today was a good day and I felt pretty good.

Mileage: 42 miles
Stretching: at least an hour
PT sessions: 1

Synopsis:  Not a great week but happy to still be running.  In general, I'm worried about the impact of my alignment issues on my training.  With a need to do long runs and train at a relatively high volume, I will proceed with caution.  I'm hoping it's a little bump in the road that will pass by.   I'm concerned but not in panic mode...yet.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

January 15 to 21

Monday, 1/15-MLK Day-7.5 miles. Took the bait on a workout with Mikey B at the WHS Track.  On tap for the day was 5X1000m with 2 minutes rest.  We warmed up for a mile and then went after it. All of my reps were between 3:31 and 3:28.  While fun, I found the entire workout to be a grind with some lingering quad soreness from my weekend long run and battling the wind on one side of the track or other.   We cooled down in town and through Wilcox Park.  Good stuff.

Tuesday, 1/16-6 mile morning roller with Riley down Shore Road and through my parents' neighborhood.

Wednesday, 1/17-6.2 miler filler run with Riley through Cove Road and looping through Weekapaug.  Finished with four strides.  We were supposed to land 1-3 inches of snow but it just didn't happen.  I was looking forward to running a couple of miles in the white stuff.  Oh well.

Thursday, 1/18-7 miles on the Y treadmill.  I opted be a wimp and to take it indoors as I wanted to do some hills and control the distance, incline, and pace of my run.  After a 10 minute warmup, I did 10X400 meters H with 400 meters of easy running.  For the first 6, I ran inclines of 2.5-4.0 at about 5:25-5:45 pace.  By the 6th rep I was feeling it and thought it would make most sense to run the remaining 4s at 0.5 incline.  I kept all of those reps around 5:05-5:12 pace.  Cooled down a bit.  Good workout.  I do find some value in the treadmill stuff.

Friday, 1/19-30 minute stretch.  Super tired.

Saturday, 1/20-7.6 mile run with Riley.  Ran the first 5.5 on local roads through Weekapaug, WGC, and Rockridge to my parents house.  We made a quick stop at my parents to wish Allie a happy birthday.  Riley met my parents pups for the first time and wasn't as nice as I'd hoped he'd be.  I'm going to have to slowly introduce him to them.  Ran 2.1 miles home. Solid.

Sunday, 1/21-18 mile run through country roads-Diamond Hill, Tomaquag Valley, Tomaquag,  Collins,  Woodville Alton, Woodville,  Switch Rd,  and 91 back to my vehicle.  A hilly and challenging run.  Just wasn't feeling it today.  Felt like a cold was coming on and some back pain came about around mile 14.  I was happy with the effort and route, but not how I felt, especially the back pain and tightness.

Weekly miles: 52.6

Synopsis: Really happy with three consecutive 50 mile weeks, getting in two workouts also good.  Big concern is the back/neck pain and tightness.  I'm going to have to back off this upcoming week and be as preventative as possible.  Not sure on a LR or any hard efforts.

Monday, January 15, 2018

January 8 to 14

Monday, January 8th-6 mile snowy slog through Weekapaug. Pretty sore from Saturday's workout and Sunday's long run.  Still cold out and just not pumped to run this morning.  Some days it can be a grind.  On a positive note, my four legged training buddy, Riley, was back out there with me.

Tuesday, January 9th-6 miles with Riley through Weekapaug and the end of Misquamicut.  Warmer but windy.  Riley spotted a coyote just a short way down the road from us in the darkness.  He let out an excited bark and the coyote took off.  I was happy not to cross paths.  I do not look forward to seeing coyotes, especially when running with a dog.

Wednesday, January 10th-7.2 mile workout on a Y treadmill.  Warmed up a mile and then did 4X 1 mile with about 2 minutes jog rest between reps (5:36, 5:36, 5:27, 5:20).  Cooled down for a mile and finished with 3X25 seconds hard/easy.  The treadmill isn't my first choice for a workout but it's better than cold, icy roads in the dark when you are trying to get some work done.

Thursday, January 11th-6.2 miles with Riley.  It was an enjoyable morning with no wind and temps above freezing.  We ran down the Cove Road area, which I really enjoy. Didn't push and covered the run around 6:50 pace.  Nice to be back in shorts!

Friday, January 12th-40 minutes of stretching...felt especially tight doing some basic stuff today but that's why I stretch I guess.  I don't love stretching but know I need to do it if I want to stay in the game.

Saturday, January 13th-17.3 mile rolling loop from my house, down Rt. 1, Klondike, Buckeye Brook, Shumankanuc, Burdickville, 91, and finished at Manfredi Farm on Dunns Corners Road.  I hadn't planned this one out until right before the run.  The main goal of the run was to get some hills in and I did that.  I felt pretty strong on this one and was happy with the overall result as I never felt like I had to push.  My hands were super cold towards the end of the run.  Average pace: 6:26/mile.  Approximately 900 ft of climbing according to Strava.  3rd long run of my build up.

Sunday, January 14th-7.5 miles of dog jogs.  Ran through Weekapaug to Misquamicut Beach with Riley and finished in the neighborhood with Lulu.  Quads a little sore from yesterday.

Weekly mileage: 50 miles

Synopsis: Pretty happy with hitting three 50 mile weeks in a row.  Highlight of the week was my long run and I was happy with the results of my treadmill workout. 

Immediate goal ahead: maintain consistency and continue to build without getting hurt or overdoing it. We'll see.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 1 through January 7

Monday, January 1st-7.6 miles with Jeff from Fallon Trail at 7:30 with Gazelle.  With frigid temps and wind chills below 0, we retreated into Woody Hill for a very enjoyable trail run to start the year.  Love these trails and the proximity to my home.  Just wish I had more daylight in my schedule to run them.  Added bonus: a quick tour of Shelter Harbor Golf Course on snow packed cart roads towards the end of the run.  Great way to start 2018.

Tuesday, January 2nd-6.1 miles @ 7:05 pace.  Back to the grind and battled through a very frigid morning with a real feel of -6.  I picked up Riley for the last 1/2 mile just to let him know I did not forget him.  Wishing and hoping this cold streak breaks.

Wednesday, January 3rd-7.8 miles on the treadmill at the Y.  I need to do weekly workouts and do not have the motivation to go to battle on icy roads in frigid temps.  The treadmill is the next best option.  Warmed up for 2 miles and then did 5X1000m hard (5:20-5:10 p/mile pace*) with 4/10 of a mile jog recovery.  Finished with 4X30 seconds H/E at 4:50 pace* on the machine.  Tried to play with the incline a little but did not throw in hills.
*Happy with the workout but I am suspect about the pace.   I know I did not have to contend with wind, hills, or freezing temps, but the fast paces did not overly tax me.  Is my fitness improving or is the machine giving me an extra boost?  I'm suspect about it, but know the workout was useful one way or another.

Thursday, January 4th-6.4 miles on snowy Misquamicut roads and through Champlain Park with Gazelle.  A very unexpected big storm with blizzard like conditions hit which called for no school.  As expected accumulation totals rose, my excitement increased.  Not to my surprise, Gazelle was game for the adventure.  I even took a planned dive bomb into a pile of snow in Misquamicut.  Pace meant nothing and it was great fun out there.

No run like a snow run

Friday, January 5th-a morning of more shoveling, which I actually enjoy.  With another day off from school, I decided to stretch and do that kind of work for 40 minutes.  Gave thought to a run but reminded myself to stay disciplined and take the off day.

Saturday, January 6th- 6.7 miles on the mill at the Y.  It went like this: 2 mile warmup, 6X 1/4 H (5:35-5:40 pace) uphill (3.5-4.0) followed by 1/4 E at around 6:30 pace and 0 to .5.  Finished with 10 minutes of easier running.  Felt like another good, challenging workout.  Hope this stuff translates to success in the outdoors. 6:16 pace for the run.

Sunday, January 7th-16 frigid miles through Misquamicut at an average of 6:43 pace for the run.  With wind chills rising just above 0, I opted to keep my run as local as possible in case of a need to bail out.  The first few miles were cool and I was pleasantly surprised by the pace.  The middle miles were actually enjoyable as I was warming up and checking out the winter ocean scenery.  The last 4-5 miles dragged on and the last 3 I felt frozen and tight.  All the things considered-a solid run. 

Weekly Mileage: 50
Synopsis: very happy with my mileage considering the horrid temps.  I was able to get two workouts in and a long run.