Sunday, March 11, 2018

March 5 to 11

Monday, March 5th- 6.2 miles @ 7:06 pace with the dogs.  The wind was still swirling and I didn't have much "get go" this morning.  It was just another day of punching the time clock.  Both Riley and Lulu were pretty happy to be out there as snow lightly fell.  On a side note,  the parts of yesterday's course that I covered this morning were free of litter, which is a step up from previous years.

Tuesday, March 6th-6.1 miles with the dogs.  Tried out a new pair of Saucony Ride 9s and they did not disappoint.  Ran a rolling route with Riley towards my parents, up & down Urso Drive, back home, and then took Lulu for a mile loop.  It was encouraging to have a little pep in my step.  Miles 3-6 all under 6:36 per mile.  *I'll likely run Boston in the 9s so will use them sparingly until then.  In the meantime, I ordered another pair to store in reserve in case I can no longer find them.

Wednesday, March 7th-7 miles total.  5k warmup with Riley.  I ended up making up a workout where I did 5X3 minutes hard/2 minutes easy.  I felt like I put in some good work the entire time and was hitting very low 6s per mile including the rest.  By the time I made it to the 5th set, I was feeling it.  The total workout distance was 4 miles.  Solid.

Thursday, March 8th-0..with a small accumulation of snow that was more like mud, I spent my morning shoveling driveways before work instead of running.  I had a very busy work day of meetings and even had to cancel my PT session due to my oil burner going out.

Friday, March 9th-5.6 miles..did the first 4 with Riley and last 1 with Riley.  I really enjoyed having some light this morning and know I'll be losing it again this morning.  Cool but comfortable and controlled, solid pace.

Saturday, March 10th-20 miler from my house, down Rt. 1, Klondike, Buckeye Brook, Burdickville, 91, behind Walmart, down Rt. 1, and back through the neighborhood.  Kept a steady pace throughout. The rolling hills were tiring but much needed. Weather was windy. Ran into Mr. Puddin’ and Eric S out there. I spent much of this run doing fractions in my head about distance ran vs distance remaining. By 16 miles, fatigue came on and I did my best to fight it.  Average pace for the run was 6:32 per mile, which I was really happy with.  Long run # 11.  3 more real long runs to go.

Sunday, March 11th-5.2 miles with Shara and H while pushing the stroller around the new bike loop at Ninigret.  It was a nice morning of running, playing at the park, and family time.  Average of 7:25 per mile pace was a good recovery.  Wind whipping in certain spots.

Weekly Miles: 50.4
Synopsis: a solid week and I was happy to hit the 50 mile mark.  It's really where I need to be for the next few weeks.  I had a good workout on Wednesday and a confidence building long run on Saturday.  Circumstances prevented me from getting my weekly stretch and PT sessions in.  Hoping for another 50 mile week ahead. Side notes: had a snow day on Wednesday, but had very long work days on the other 3 out o 4 days,  didn't eat meat for 5 of the 7 days this past week.

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