Sunday, January 6, 2019

Week of 12/31 to 1/6

Monday, 12/31: 5.3 miles total.  Started off with 3.2 miles with Riley.  Decided to loop from my house down through Weekapaug and back up.  I had a muscle spasm that made my leg give out a bit during the first mile.  As the run progressed, I just continued to feel that nagging for the remainder of the run.  Average pace of 6:22 p/mile.  I then took advantage of having the opportunity to run with all my girls (Shara, Haley in the stroller, and Lulu) for another two miles.  Average pace of 8:50 p/mile.  Regardless of pace, sore.  With this "nerve thing" becoming an on-going and progressing issue, I now realize that it's time to shut it down for a bit before things get worse.

Tuesday, 1/1: Happy New Year! 12 mile ride on the basement spin bike, 35 minutes.  Followed up with core work and stretching for another 25 minutes.  Coach Gazelle was even kind enough to share some exercises that helped him with he was dealing with nerve issues.  To my friend's point, no two injuries are the same, but these might be helpful.

Wednesday, 1/2:  30 minutes of yoga core DVD and strength.  Slow moving sequence or core work and stretching.  Followed up with 3X25 pushups, some of the stretches Gazelle shared with me, and some curls.  Continued on with a 25 minute ride on the spin bike at a low resistance..10.8 miles.

Thursday, 1/3: 15 minutes of strength work at the Y.  Pullups, dips, and single leg body weight squats X3.  Followed up with a 1250 yd swim that took me abut 23 minutes.  It wasn't pretty but I got it done!  Sets of 500, 500, 100, 100, & a 50.

Friday, 1/4: 30 minute of core/strength work off another DVD followed up by 30 minute basement spin, 10.2 miles, low resistance.

Saturday, 1/5: 30 minutes of body weight and band work..most of it off a DVD.  Followed up with 30 minutes of a spin in the basement, covered 10.5 miles.

Sunday, 1/6: Headed to the Y and started with 15 minutes of core work (did 3 continuous sets of the following-plank variation for 1 minute, 8 pullups, and single leg squats.  I then hit the pool for a 1500 yd swim.  Did sets of 2X500, 5X100.  My swim times and water comfort are slowly improving.  I wouldn't call it pretty though.

Run: 1X, 5.3 total
Bike: 4X 42 miles total
Swim: 2X 2750yds total
Weights/Core/Stretch: a ton...every day this week.

Synopsis: shutting "it" down is never easy but with my leg issue progressing I knew it was time.  As much as I love to run, I have to admit that my non-running routine hasn't been that bad.  The core work is challenging and it is fun to get physically stronger.  In running, we are always trying to get fitter or/and faster but rarely have the opportunity to work on everything.  This injury has afforded me that opportunity, which is helping me stay positive while not running.  I do believe the absence of running, increased core work, and regular Gazelle stretching is helping the back of my leg.  While I hope to start running again shortly, I have scheduled a PT assessment for this upcoming week just to check things out and see what is going on.  One thing that really continues to irritate my leg is long periods of sitting, which happened a few times last week in work meetings.   I am hoping that this injury will motivate to at least do a Sprint TRI in 2019 and cause me to focus more on being overall fit instead of just running fit.

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