Saturday, February 4, 2017

January Review

January was a month of anticipation for me.  With Shara in her final month of pregnancy, my mind was on the arrival of our new baby while trying to balance work, running, and the rest of my life.

We received an exciting surprise in mid-January with the arrival of our baby girl.  She weighed a healthy 8lbs, 0 oz. and arrived 12 days early.  Amazingly, Shara kept running her mile right up until three days before birth.  While really starting to feel it, Shara even rode our stationary bike for 5 miles the day before giving birth! I was certainly impressed and in awe of this feat.  While we are thrilled and excited to have our little girl, the level of tiredness and fatigue is something neither of us have faced before.

Full disclosure: I thought marathon training would be much more strenuous and physically exhausting than regular wake-ups during the middle of the night.  Sleep deprivation is just a whole other animal.

While this new life style is certainly not permanent, my fitness goals are sort of on the back burner. My main goal is to stay as active and as shape as I possible can, while not being selfish or depriving my other responsibilities.  Initially I thought it might be possible to pull off a spring marathon, but I just don't see if happening due to low motivation and lack of long runs.  I'll keep an open mind moving ahead and see what happens.  To maintain as much fitness as possible, keep the dogs happy, and get a little rest, I've been splitting up my daily runs during the week to two short daily runs.  So far, it is working and I remind myself to stay flexible.  Most of all, I'm thrilled to have a healthy, thriving baby!

January Fitness/Strava Stats:
Miles: Approximately 185
Average Weekly Mileage: 40
Average # of Weekly Runs: 9
Off Days/Week: 1
Stretching: 1X/Week (Need to stick to this)
Bike/Swim: 0 No time

Overall, I'm really happy with the running I was able to pull off during the month of January.

Running Highlights include:
-I had fun with the dogs,
-Started trail running with Riley.  I've always been paranoid about him getting ticks but we treat monthly and I also recently purchased an organic tick repellent.
- Racing the Resolution 5k on the beach and in the trails during a snow storm. I can't say I ran particular well or poorly, but it was a fun experience with good competition. I'm hoping to run a couple of more races in the series if possible.
-A couple of snow's always great to get out there when the white stuff is on the ground.\

Riley with his new trail friends.
His longest run in duration and 2nd trail run ever.  

There's no run like a snow run!

I'll see what February brings.  Onward!

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  1. 8 lbs!! Super healthy baby!! I am glad Shara was able to keep up with her activity. I taught aerobics with a woman who taught daily till the morning she delivered. She was so much happier being able to be even a little active until her daughter was born. SUPER KUDOS to Shara!! Have fun running Riley. Dave trained Jax on a recall collar and it works BEAUTIFULLY on the trails when Dave rides and Jax runs behind. Jax knows if he doesn't come to his call he is uncomfortable and he comes to his call. It's been great riding with the two of them. Riley looks like he has the same sort of mischeviousness (lack of ability to self control) Jax has. (Gus is obedient to me, not to Dave so I have to train him on the collar for Dave)

    Best wishes for all 5 of you!!